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Thank you for interest in becoming involved with G.I.R.L.S. Club! We recruit mentees and mentors on an on-going basis.

Why join us?

  • Foster the idea of "giving back"

  • Personal satisfaction 

  • Increase in self-worth

  • Share knowledge and wisdom from experiences

  • Improve interpersonal skills

  • Inspire others

  • Gain an understanding of teen problems


How does matching occur?

  • Mentor or mentee complete an application

  • Indicate interest, hobbies, experience, or career path

  • Mentor/Mentee participate in an interview 

  • Mentor/Mentee and parent attend individual orientations

  • Mentor/Mentee are screened

  • Mentor is matched to a compatible mentee

What are the benefits?

  • Have fun!

  • Inspire and make a difference in a young girl's life

  • Achieve personal growth

  • Learn new things

  • Build relationships

  • Gain a better understanding of other cultures

  • Develop appreciation for diversity

Become a mentee

  • Foster the idea of "giving back"


Become a mentor

  • Year-long commitment

  • Mentor/Mentee communicate with each other weekly

  • Attend orientation

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Required to attend quarterly meetings

  • Pass background checks (mentor only)

  • Hold current driver's license (mentor only)

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